THE ALLIANCE OF PAN AMERICAN ROUND TABLES (PART), established in 1944, is a civil society organization registered by the Organization of American States (OAS) since 2001. Born as coordinator of the Pan American Round Tables, a movement created in United States on the initiative of Florence Terry Griswold in 1916 and currently has more than 223 tables in 18 countries plus Puerto Rico. Is this a women’s organization, non-profit and its members work voluntarily towards culture, peace and education in America.

Mission: To promote education, foster mutual knowledge, understanding and friendship between the peoples of the Americas. The AMRP stimulates the formation of new tables and liaises and guides all affiliates Tables

History: In 1916, was born in San Antonio, Texas, the first Pan American Round Table, which was founded by Florence Terry Griswold, supported by several ladies of the town. They all witnessed the consequences of the Mexican civil war and fighting in the U.S. border with Mexico. It‘s decided to contribute to peace through friendship and cultural exchange between the women of the continent.

Following the Pan thoughts of Simon Bolivar, the Venezuelan Liberator, saw the need to build bridges between North, Central and South America, so that through friendship and mutual understanding hatreds and wars between countries possibilities to stay away neighbors.

Florence Terry Griswold, Lead organizer unsurpassed and with an innate gift for diplomatic relations, used his contacts, his word and good faith, to achieve rights and asylum to refugees fleeing the war in Mexico. With the help of her friends in the area make shelters and feeding centers for children, women and elderly refugees.

So the first Pan American Round Table sworn in the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas born. Avid reader, Florence was inspired by the Alexandre Dumas stories about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, served as inspiration to name their organization (a circle without beginning or end, symbolizing the perpetual union, equal opportunity and representation) the slogan “One for All all for One“, used by the famous Musketeers, which is chosen and which is still in force.

Florence Terry Griswold adopted the official title of Director General of the first table, the same that was used by the then leader of the Pan American Union. The Bureau used as model status of the Pan American Union, OAS today, stating that each member represent each of the American republics. Cooperation with this union was the basis for establishing a strong and solid organization that still reflects the ideals that led to its formation.

In November 1921 the second Roundtable was founded in Laredo and El Paso Texas. In 1922 followed by the establishment of the officers Austin. The first table was organized in Mexico was Mexico City in 1928. Whereas the first established outside Mexico and the United States was to Costa Rica in 1936.

In 1922 (February 22) the first State Convention of Pan American Round Tables at the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio was performed with the assistance of the 4 existing MRP: San Antonio, Laredo, El Paso and Austin (Texas)

Florence Terry Griswold died in 1941, but not before witnessing the flowering of his seed.
In 1944 (from October 23 to 27) was held in Mexico City the first International Convention, during which the Alliance of Pan American Round Tables was established. Attended by delegates from 13 Tables USA., Two tables of Mexico, Tegucigalpa, Honduras and San José de Costa Rica.

Currently, there are 234 Active Tables, with approximately 7,000 members distributed among 18 countries and Puerto Rico in the Americas. For purposes of better administration, the tables have been divided into six geographic areas and in some countries and states have formed national or state associations. All are affiliated with the Alliance and respect the laws established by the Alliance. The Alliance leaders time to time visited the tables and are willing to offer seminars,answer questions and offer support and suggestions.

Every two years, leaders, delegates and members meet in international conventions, which are held in different countries, in rotating system.

All tables provide scholarships to deserving students. The total amount of scholarships, at the continental level (2004-06) has been about half a million dollars.

In addition to scholarships, many tables have the following projects:

01 –. Formation libraries.
02 –. Foundation schools in remote locations.
03 –. Donation of books and supplies
04 –. Introducing cultural community conferences.
05 –. Protection of cultural heritage.
06 –. Exhibitions of art and crafts.
07 –. Celebrations national ephemeris countries.
08 –. Participation in community events of cultural diversity.
09 –. Financial support for medical volunteers who provide free medical service.
10 –. Environment.
11 –. Civic education campaigns for children and adults, etc..

In 2001, the Alliance of Pan American Round Tables was officially registered by the OAS and Civil Society, having participated since then in OAS activities, such as General Assemblies, Boards Hemispheric and regional conferences and other forums. In each of these events we have been represented by delegates who have a voice in civil society approaches presented to the governments of the countries towards improving the quality of life of its citizens.
Milestones Movement Pan American Round Tables

1916: Creation of the first Roundtable in San Antonio, Texas
1921: the second Roundtable was founded in Laredo, and november was founded Roundtable in          El Paso Texas.
1922: Table of  Austin are founded
1922: The first State Convention of Pan American Round Tables were held at the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, with the assistance of the 4 existing MRP: San Antonio, Laredo, El Paso and Austin (Texas)
1928: The first Pan American Round Table is set in Mexico
1930: It is decreed on April 14 as Day of the Americas
1936: The first Round Table was created in Central America: the Costa Rica
1941: Death of the founder of the movement Florence Terry Griswold
1944: took place in Mexico City the first International Convention, during which the Alliance of Pan American Round Tables was established.
2001: The Alliance of Pan American Round Tables was registered as civil society to the Organization of American States–OAS



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