The committees are working groups, through which the Alliance of Pan American Round Tables (AMRP) coordinates, organizes and maintains inform its members on various aspects related to cultural and organizational activity that occupies the movement. Additionally strategic plan and develop projects to improve the lines of action of the movementwhose achievements include the contribution to the education and training of citizens (os) in the Americas and cultural exchange through women

Objectives Committees

       1.   Gather with the directive and members from different countries to share information about your business areaand project  alliance to open channels of trade.
       2.   Providing a path for the update on specific topics.
       3.   Conduct descriptive studies of different areas of action to improve operational lines AMRP

Standing Committees

       1.  Executive
       2.  Extension
       3.  Editorial
       4.  Resolution
       5.  Information and Electronic Link
       6.  Finance
       7.  Nominations
       8.  Pan American Woman
       9.  Directory
     10.  Reviews
     11.  Protocol
     12.   Records
     13.  Youth Groups
     14.  Link to the OAS

15.Educating for Peace


The Director General, with the advice and approval of the Board, shall appoint the Chairmen and members of the Committees, except the Nominating Committee and those committees headed by designated officials. The Nominating Committee shall be elected at the annual Board of Directors in office.

Executive Committee: It is chaired and composed of the Deputy Director General, the Recording Secretary, the Treasurer, the Parliamentarian, the translator and the Ex-officio Director General by the Director General; This Committeefunctions as a Permanent Secretariat between meetings of the Board.

Extension Committee: It is chaired by the Deputy Director General of the Alliance and made up the Zone Directors; oversees the creation, establishment and development of new Pan American Round Tables.

Editorial Committee: I have the responsibility to collect the necessary for the production of special publications of the Alliance material. It is composed of one representative from each Zone.

Resolutions Committee: It is composed of at least three (3) members. Received and presented to the Convention only those resolutions that do not affect the Statutes and Regulations of the Alliance.

Committee on Information and Electronic Link: I serves as an information and immediate dissemination within the organization. It is made by a representative from each Zone.

Finance Committee: I would like a quote after each Biennial Convention, which must be approved by the Board at its regular annual meeting, to be applied in the next biennium; will be responsible for facilitating and audit the work of theTreasurer. It consists of no less than two (2) representatives of tables close to the Treasurer of the Alliance.

Nominating Committee: It is composed of a member from each district, elected by the Board at the regular annualsession between a number of sixteen (16) given names. Presents a slate of candidates during the Biennial Convention.

Committee Pan American Woman: It is composed of a member from each Zone. It selects three (3) finalists among the candidates presented by the officers; between these three candidates, the Committee will select which obtained the most votes within the committee, giving the title “Pan Woman“, which will be lifelong, specifying only the year that has been selected.

Committee Directory: It is composed of two (2) members may be from the same table and the Zone Directors. I would like a directory for the Alliance presents the annual ordinary Board of the Alliance and a simple update of the information contained therein for the Biennial Convention.

Revisions Committee: It is composed of at least five (5) members, including the Parliamentary Alliance. Aims to study and recommend, where appropriate, proposals to amend the Constitution and / or Bylaws of the Alliance; Directive and informall member tables of the proposed reforms affecting the Statutes and Regulations which must be received by the Committee at least ninety (90) days prior to the Biennial Convention.

Protocol Committee: It is composed of a representative from each Zone partner of the Partnership; running public relations functions at the continental level and strives to comply with the rules of etiquette, as contained in the protocolGuide (adopted in Guadalajara, Miami 1988 and expanded in 1994).

Archive Committee: It is composed of members of the Bureau of Austin, Texas, USA. He is responsible for safeguarding, cataloging and maintaining official materials belonging to the Alliance and are staying in the Nettie Lee Benson Library of the Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, T exas.

Committee of  Youth Groups: It is composed of one representative from each Area Partnership; implements the creation and development of the Pan American Youth Groups, which will aim to promote the principles of the Pan American movement among the youth of the Americas. See Bulletin of Youth Groups (Ali here’s link to newsletter 2002-2004 we did last year)

Liaison Committee with the OAS: It will consist of a member from each zone and two members of the Bureau ofWashington, DC Its function is to channel all communication exclusively between NATO and the OAS and participate in the activities coming under the civil society, either by sending written contributions or attending hemispheric meetings.

Committee Educating for Peace :  It will be composed of a member from each zone.

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